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K-9 Adventures is a company that is serious about fun for both the active dog and owner! Dryland Dog Mushing is the newest sensation in active dogs and owners coming together for exercise and excitement on any dry land surface including but not limited to sand, dirt, grass, rock or cool pavement if safety precautions are met to insure the safety of your dog's feet and joints.  

Who can participate in Dryland Dog Mushing?  Once your dogs are trained to use the SACCO Dog Cart, anyone can participate in this exciting new sport with the proper safety training!  With safety and the highest quality components in place, anyone can participate in Dryland Dog Mushing!  We believe that this can provide not only a fun leisure activity but can also be pinnacle for those with mobility issues, as well.  The service dog as well as the household pet, can enjoy spending time with their owners utilizing the SACCO Dog Cart and accessories.  Let K-9 Adventures show you how!

We proudly present the new fold-able Sacco cart 2019. Sacco is an internationally known producer and supplier of recreational dog carts, with customers that span the globe.

With four wheels and hydraulic brakes on all wheels, our customers can enjoy the dryland mushing to the fullest.

We offer the safest and most durable cart in the carting world and have great pride and confidence in the quality of our product. So people can have a fun and safe experience with their dog.

The Sacco cart is world renowned as dryland mushing’s top of the line cart. Boasting number one in safety and comfort.

It is our goal to bring the Sacco cart into more homes and appeal to not only the mushers but to anyone who wants to enjoy time with their high energy dog.

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